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 3734 West State Highway 154
Yantis, TX 75497

Repairs all makes and models of boat propellers, in aluminum and stainless steel

Prop Repairs
We repair most makes and models and specializes in stainless repairs and modifications.
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Customer Comment:

Last summer I bought a used prop off the internet from a guy who said it was a Ron Hill prop but it had been modified by Steve's Custom Props. I was a little hesitant as my history with Ron's props was a hit or miss one. Since the prop was a four blade over the hub in a 14.5x30 which was what I needed and only cost shipped about $275 I decided to give it a shot.
Prop was a satin finish what Steve called an Eagle cut. It was thinned and very light but consistent in every way. I ran the thing and was amazed, good hole shot great mid, and on my 21 Skater with a PM 300 allowed me for the first time with this package to break 100mph.
To top it off it ran smooth as silk. I ran it high and hard for about a season and finally I cracked a blade, to be expected from any thinned prop run very high and hard. I did not throw a blade which is important to mention as I have heard many rumors of welded on blades on Ron's props. If they are welded you can't tell and it is a first rate weld job as mine cracked did not throw a blade. I went back to Steve to try to find another Eagle cut prop to find he no longer does the Eagle cut but another called the Predator in a 4-blade which is another ET variation with more blade area and a bit less bend than the Eagle. I bought one and it also comes from Ron Hill and after Steve is done it is a work of art.
Steve balances and blueprints them after he does his cut then he sends them out to be heat treated for strength. Though I have only run the Predator once I think I like it even better than the Eagle cut it has more lift and carries a load a lot better, blades are much thicker and has a better hole shot, equally good mid and a top end that is only 1 mph slower than the Eagle but I bet it will last longer than me.
Also on both props the Flo-torque hub was a fairly good fit in the props. His Predator props come balanced, blueprinted, and highly polished for about the same as you can get a stock satin finish Merc Pro ET 4 blade from Jaco's which is very reasonable.
If you want them heat treated there is an additional charge after which they can only come in a satin finish. Steve is a great guy and will do about anything to make sure the customer is happy very much along the Eric Simon lines. So for those of you who like Ron's props and low price but can't live with some of the inconsistancies give Steve a try you won't be sorry.
Dean Dorsey

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